China (Shenzhen) International 3D Printing Exhibition

China (Shenzhen) International 3D Printing Exhibition
Posted on: Thursday 03-07-2014
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Exhibits Focus


l Equipment& Device

3D printer, 3D printing manufacturing equipment (rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing equipment),

3D printing control, 3D printing technology, 3D laser scanning, 3D laser engraving machine, laser plate-making, 

three-dimensional measurement, laser tracker, 3D cameras, etc.;


l Material

photosensitive resin, plastic powder material (nylon, nylon, glass filler, nylon, carbon fiber, nylon, 

aluminum powder, Peek material), the metallic powder material (die steel, titanium, aluminum-CoCrMo alloys,

iron-nickel alloy);


l Software& Technology

Three-dimensional design system, motion capture system, three-dimensional imaging measurement systems, 

detection and reverse engineering software, three-dimensional detection software, etc.