Platforms to Modify 3D Models

In addition to buying or freely downloading a 3D model from the 3D model databases, the user can also modify 3D models that are already built. Most of the platforms already allows modification; however, some web pages offer models that one needs to be modified.

  • Leopoly: The platform has a very wide range of designs that are to be enhanced. The designs are the children of 3 mother parts. The use of the system is very easy. It requires signing up to save the objects one enhanced.

  • 3D-LabStore: This Dutch website offers different 3D printing options some of which the user may alter. The site is also a tool where you can have your models printed.

  • TinkerCad: Easy to use and has many templates which are ready to use. It is possible to create any meaningful object by merging these templates. Recommended for beginners. For website click here.

  • 3DTin: With its easy usage and geometry storage, it makes jobs ways for user. Only disadvantage is that creating complex models is difficulty by using 3DTin. For website click here.