Is it possible to make your own 3D printer?

Yes! It is possible you can build RepRap, Ultimaker Original and Printrbot models on your own.

What is the price range of 3D printers?

3D Printers have a wide range of price. Prices are between 300$ and 1.000.000$

Can everyone use a 3D printer?

Everyone can use and create objects and prototypes. Kit printers must be built by the user, so it requires a little dexterity.

Which material is commonly used for printing?

ABS and PLA are the most common used raw materials.

What is the maximum size of the printed object?

Maximum printed object size depends on the brand and model of the printer.

What objects can be created by 3D printer?

Any object that modelled on the software can be created by printer.

I don’t know any modelling program. How can I use printer?

You can download free models from here.

Are 3D printers able to create multi-colored objects?

Yes, but these printers are more expensive than single-colored printers.