3D Refiner

Ross Yeager and David Kalinowski from UC Berkeley developed a machine that would allow easy finishing of 3D printed parts in a fairly short time. The machine they developed was open to support in Kickstarter early this year; they successfully raised a fund over $32,000 –nearly 7 times of their initial goal. You can watch their introductory video below:

As you see in the video, they are capable of finishing a part that was printed in very low resolution and enhance it like it was printed with the highest resolution.

The idea behind the machine, from the developers’ mouth:

“So what exactly is the 3D Refiner: a machine that rotates a 3D printed part in front of a pressurized and constant flow of solvent, allowing for a symmetric smoothing of the print, resulting in the appearance of a high quality and appealing finish for any 3D printed part.”

The machine is not being sold at the moment; however, if you are interested, we advise you to subscribe 3D Refiner mailing list to get notified when they are open to public sale.